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bbe ben wah

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bbe ben wah

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Terms of Sale Money back guarantee available if customer want return.Interested in wah pedals? Check out our comprehensive Best Wah Pedals guide. Some of the most tonally significant revisions have involved the wah inductor. Depending on the type of inductor in a wah, the effect can be smooth and vocal-like, clean and quacky, or harmonically rich and cutting.

HOW A WAH WORKS A wah pedal is an audio filter that achieves its sound in one of two ways: either using a narrow band-pass filter with a highly resonant peak, or by using a low-pass filter with dual resonant peaks near its roll-off frequency known as an overcoupled filter. Regardless of the method used, the result is the same. As the user rocks the foot pedal back and forth, it moves a potentiometer inside the pedal, which in turn changes the amount of current flowing through a capacitor.

An inductor consists of wire coiled around a magnetic core, usually one made of iron. When electric current is passed through the inductor, it temporarily stores the energy as a magnetic field until the current is turned off. As a result, once the electric current is cut off, the inductor will gradually release its charge until its stored energy is completely released.

So what does an inductor do in a wah pedal? As we said above, it works together with a capacitor to move the cutoff frequency. In addition, inductors have sonic properties all their own that they impart to the filter and can add a sweetness to its tone. Resistors, meanwhile, affect the sharpness of the resonance: larger values make the resonance band narrower and peaky, while smaller values spread it out and dampen the wah effect.

There are many varieties of inductors, but the main types are halo, Fasel, stack of dimes and TDK. The halo inductor produces a smooth, vocal-like tone, but original examples could add undesirable microphonic squeal. The designs of many modern examples have overcome this problem. Fasel Available in red and yellow varieties, the Italian-made Fasel inductors are among the most popular of these components, thanks to their sound.

Spectrum analysis shows that they generate ear-pleasing second- and third-order harmonic distortion. Fasels were used in some of the early Vox wahs, and they are frequently found in modern wahs. The red version tends to have a deeper tone and stronger emphasis of the fundamental frequency, whereas the yellow model has a smoother-sounding sweep.

The Wah Pedal Inductor: The Secret to Your Favorite Wah Tone

Most guitarists feel the yellow Fasels have a more vintage sound and the red ones sound more modern. Bear in mind, however, that the tolerances of Fasels will vary, so whether you prefer red or yellow, no two of either variety will sound exactly alike. Stack of Dimes The Stack of Dimes inductor looks like three or four dimes atop one another and covered with a dark reddish brown material. Few modern pedals are made with this inductor, and original stack of dimes are hard to find, but modern versions do exist.

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Arteffect Audio makes both halo and stack of dime inductors. In addition, the company makes the Bonnie Wahwhich features a halo-style inductor, but at present it does not offer a wah that uses its stack of dimes inductor.

There was also a round variety, which is reportedly rare. The appeared in some Thomas wahs, and Vox used it in its King Wah. Of all the inductors, the seems to produce the widest variety of opinions. I know of no modern wah pedals that use the TDKso consult the vintage market.

Axis Wah (BBE Ben Wah)

There are several other varieties of inductors, and if you like to mod pedals, you can take advantage of them. One popular option is the Whipple inductor, a hand-wound inductor manufactured by Dandy Job. The company offers complete upgrade kits for those who want to do the job themselves. Most modern wahs use inductors based on the halo and Fasel designs, but a couple of manufacturers make pedals using vintage or modern stack of dimes inductors.

Fasel or Fasel-Style Design The pedals in this group feature the Fasel inductor or an inductor modeled after it. Though it appears to be discontinued, the Rewah ST can be found at some online stores as well as eBay and Reverb. Morley, a company that specializes in volume and wah pedals, engineered their own inductor, the MQ2, to be less susceptible to EMF interference.

Their previous model, the HQ2, was used in their pedals from Well, yes, wah pedals can exist without an inductor as well.Sorry for the double post. Sorry i'm a bit late on this I don't know if I mentioned this before or not Not that it really matters for overall function.

Eyes crusted open in 10 hour old shock Late for work Uhhh, great mark, not i need to get another wah enclosure Effects Builder Problems I hear Miramax is optioning the film rights. Mason changes his story like most people change their socks, and one of his fanboys Bill Wilkie going on all the negative comments and calling them liars.

Sounds like someone has spent a bit of money with Mason and has a severe case of Buyers Stockholm Syndrome. I'm hoping you will address these additional questions. How is it you procure your competitor's unpopulated PCB? If you have an expensive wave soldering machine for volume production, don't you have the ability to produce your own PCBs for simple wah circuit? If you "source your own components" and "assemble and load with your own components" in California, can you explain why the following components are an exact match for the components of the BBE made in China?

The values, brand and appearance are all identical. Even the pot has the same Asian manufacturer. Also, the enclosure, wire, and even the Asian battery are identical to BBE's product.

So you are asking musicians to accept the following; Vertex somehow bought a competitor's unpopulated PCB board, and populated it with components that Vertex sourced that just happen to match the BBE's components exactly. Vertex uses an enclosure made in California, that just happens to match the BBE Chinese enclosure in every way color, texture, size, shape, tooling marks,etc Your custom made pot, has the same manufacturer and appearance as BBE's Chinese pot.

The executives at BBE are wrong or not telling the truth. Finally, you state to contact Vertex if I am unhappy with my Vertex Axis. Since you are posting here, what remedy are you offering consumers who are unhappy with their Vertex Axis Wahs?

Are you offering money back or an exchange? Thank you. I'd pack, change my name and get a one way flight if all that was directed at me Liars are the worst. And I include bullshit marketing dribble in the 'liar' camp too. It's always good to seem them fall on their sword though I felt a little bad for Slope. So trusting, so ignorant, so lied to I think Mason really led him on and had him thinking they might run off to Tahiti together.

bbe ben wah

Instead, Slope is left at home with lies, embarrassment for having defended Mason so mindlessly, and a broken heart - while Mason heads off to Tahiti or wherever with some other dude. Why did I click on that gearpage linkFollow this Product. Listings Price Guide Reviews. Featured Listing View Listing. Brand New. Preferred Seller. Add to Cart. Brand New but open box item, in perfect condition, never used. BBE product info:BBE's Wah effects pedal is designed to emulate the Class A circuit with a unique Halo inductor that delivered those signature, vintage, vocal-like wah qualities that are still highly sought after today.

An onboard Harmony control lets you tweak the Wah to get just the right tone, while the pots deliver an ultra-d… read more. Buy Used. BBE Ben-Wah.

Quick Shipper. Add to Cart Make an Offer. Follow this product to see new listings in your feed! Overview Bringing together a host of boutique features like an all-analog design, hand-wired circuitry for true vintage fidelity, and a unique Harmony knob on the side of the pedal which contours the EQ response, the BBE Ben-Wah takes the heart of a classic effect and puts it in a body suited for today's playing.

Based on a Class A circuit built with a coveted Halo inductor and potentiometer, the Ben-Wah is a fast avenue to the wah tones of greats like Hendrix and Clapton. Similar Products. From the Price Guide Sell Yours. Oops, looks like you forgot something.

Please check the fields highlighted in red. Yes, that's correct Do not update. United States.Active topics Unanswered topics. You must login or register to post a reply.

RSS topic feed. Has the whole world gone crazy? Unfortunately it's not just the Vertex Wah pedal, most of the Vertex products have been found not to be what they claim. Buyer beware, you've been warned This is a sad state of affairs.

Photographic proof shows the Vertex cable, claimed to twisted pair and with custom low-capacitance connectors, is actually Belden non-twisted pair cable, using stock high-capacitance connectors, and with Vertex logos added on shrinkwrap.

Being as the above claims about place of origin, actual components used, and work done were factual misrepresentations in pursuit of sales, they actually rise to the level of fraud. University credential verification services show that Mason does not have an electrical engineering degree from the university which defenders claim he does, and the university in question does not offer an electrical engineering degree at all.

Is it a "deal" for BEE products, or is it a "rip-off" for the Vertex products in terms of quality? Of course some people like Keeley and Analogman and JHS improved those basic designs by upgrading components in their mods. Surely it makes a difference but to me the main difference in those mods were noticed when playing by myself and not in a band setting.

I digress, the Vertex stuff is way overpriced and a rip-off because they are not what Mason claims them to be, plain and simple. Two pedalboards now powered for 7 years and going strong! I have a nice Vox wah that's been modded, a Morley wah, and the Joe Bonamassa wah. I have 3 JB Wahs, 1 signed. When Joes copper Fuzz came out I found a full copper crybaby to go with it, then he came out with his Wah, but I still have the full copper one.

I don't use Wahs all that much but the JB's are a little darker than most Wahs and I like that, not as icepick quacky. Plaese spread the word about the sad Vertex story. I'd hate to see more folks buy something that is not what they think it is.

I have a few friends in the biz and they have worked hard and for many years to establish a good rep and a real business then to see someone come in and do unethical and possibly illegal business isn't good for us the consumer nor the "good businesses" we buy our beloved toys from.

I had the copper Fuzz, couldn't justify keeping it. Love the wah though. Its disgusting what has transpired with this "manufacturer" I believe he did a service job on one of Joe's boards and tried to claim he modded it or re-built it at Joe's request using his technical prowess in a video, don't think Joe was too happy about it either! Kudo's to Scott Henderson, he actually braved it out over on TGP explaining exactly what went on with his signature volume pedal and made Mason change the wording and be exact about what the pedal consisted of.

Don't see that there could have been any other conclusion - just a question of how far into the hole Mason wanted to go before reality forced him to 'fess up! Currently installed 2 official extensions. The official forum for all things Joe Bonamassa, guitars and blues music. You are not logged in. Please login or register. Wah controversy! Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply.

RSS topic feed Posts: Topic: Wah controversy! Re: Wah controversy! Petersburg, FL Registered: Posts: 1, I still love my Wilson Wah.

Xotic Effects Wah XW-1 - Demo by Simon Gotthelf

Notwithstanding all of the above they are still on sale through dealers mind!Order by:. Available to:. Excellent condition. No visible scuffs. Dings, etc. Ships in original box. Players and collectors who search for vintage wah effect pedals pay a premium for these rare examples.

BBE has re-engineered and custom-tuned the Halo inductor to re-create the expressive tones made famous by players like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. In addition. The Wah's potentiometer was designed for the ultimate dynamic sweep response. What's more, a Harmony control is added so you can custom tailor the wah to your personal taste. All components are hand-wired for the ultimate in vintage authenticity.

As with all BBE guitar pedals. I will ship to the Continental US only. However I do participate in the Ebay Global Shipping program. In the event of a DOA item. The buyer must first contact me within 3 days, and the return postage will be payed by the buyer.

The buyer may also be asked to file, or willingly participate in a shipping carrier claim. If you have any questions. Feel free to send me a message. I answer messages usually within a few hours. Bbe Ben Wah Wow. Orders are shipped directly to the address listed on the payment. Shipping fees for any undeliverable packages or package recover as well as re-shipment charges are the buyers responsibility.

Items will ship within business days of payment.

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An email will be sent informing you of your shipping method and tracking information when the item has shipped. We do not accept any other forms of payment. Please check with PayPal to verify your address prior to making payment. Orders cannot be modified or cancelled once payment has been received. The buyer will be responsible for any shipping fees or. If you own any BBE pedals already. Then you know the quality you can expect from this wah.

It's voiced and modeled on a highly sought after vintage circuit.Loyalty Points. What are points worth? Points are worth a 1p discount for every point you redeem. How many points will I earn when I shop?

We display the number of points available for a product on the product's page on our website. Normally we'll give you one point for every pound you spend, but watch out for double and triple points deals for even more savings!

It's undoubtedly one of the coolest-looking wah pedals we've seen too, with its chrome rocker plate and Chinese lettering logo giving it plenty of character to stand out on your pedalboard! BBE Sound is a familiar name in the music industry, and since their inception in the company has pioneered several noteworthy improvements in audio technologies. With their preamps, compressors and iconic Sonic Maximizers seen regularly in recording studios, broadcasting facilities and on stages all over the world; BBE Sound has established itself as a go-to brand for its class-leading audio processors and outboard gear.

A few years ago, BBE entered the guitar pedals market. Designed and engineered at their US headquarters, BBE pedals are built with high-quality components and use analogue circuitry to ensure optimal tones and studio-grade sonics. It's simple! Just add the products you want to your basket and click the "Checkout" button in your basket. You can then choose which finance term you'd like to apply for, and change your deposit if you wish. At the end of the checkout you'll be taken to the V12 Finance web site.

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